Dating quilt blocks

please specify which service if not listed in the comments box/additional instructions - Don't be late again with that quilt or project for your family member or event. By reserving your date this ensures that you will be given top priority, first one in for that day, and a turn around time relavant to that day.Reserve a date for you to turn in your quilt or project so that your project will be finished on time. Turn around time will fluctuate depending on holidays and quantity of work coming in.

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Warren The 650 red and white quilts in this beautiful volume were all on show at a famed exhibition in New York City and are shown here in all their glory.

We would take all day and have lunch in a restaurant – not a fast food joint – a real restaurant with dishes and linen napkins and metal silverware. ” Whether it is for a little girl’s day dreaming or snuggling under after you dance all night, it is sure to please.

In those days, my parents belonged to a country club and went to formal dances. No flip flops, t-shirts, and basketball shorts ever graced the dinning room at the country club. Its size is convenient for undercover work as a coverlet for a twin sized bed. “Date Night” blocks are basically nine-patch blocks. These blocks are very random, well not the one I drew for you, but yours should be.

Excluding holidays typical turn around time is 1 to 1 1/2 business weeks.

There is a .00 reservation fee is which is nonrefundable and will be applied to your completed service order. Cancellation of reservation - must be made 24 business hours prior to your reservation date.