Friending someone you39re dating

When you’re on that first-ever first date, you have all kinds of questions: Should I hold her hand? That is, until digital communication complicates it even further. On second dates and third dates, you begin to figure things out.I spent 30 minutes talking to this guy on my soccer team at the bar - should I friend request him? These questions may seem overanalytical, but they plague many of us nonetheless.I've been Gchatting a lot with my co-worker - should I friend request him? What does he think when he receives my friend request? Facebook is a relatively new reality in the dating scene, and the rules of gender politics, along with the Do's and Don'ts of online etiquette, haven't quite been decided yet. And as with all innovations in the post-dating world, the rules were hazy and the opinions were scattered. That they're going to interpret your friend request as a subtle - but clear - sign of romantic interest.

"Guys generally think of it as a slightly flirty move when a girl Facebooks him," explains Andy, an entrepreneur in New York City.

On a first date, 37.1% singles will check their phone if the date has left the room, but when you combine single people who say you should never check your phone on a first date (27.2%) and those who say only in emergencies (23.4%), the cut adds up to a notable 50.6%. Post-grad 20-somethings were most likely to check their phones away from a date’s gaze — 48.3% would pull out the phone to check for a text, emails or calls on a first date, compared to 36.7% of college-age and 34.2% of those in their 30s.

No age group was especially open to checking phones any time they wanted, but in teens it was most acceptable at 15.7%, while the rate across age groups was 13.2%.

Suddenly you're not just waiting on a call, you’re also half-expecting a Facebook message or a Snapchat.

And oh, good grief, what if you sent that naughty photo to the wrong person?