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Perhaps it’s the simple fact that you can almost imagine someone, somewhere, afflicted with lycanthropy.Maybe it’s easier to understand the more animal-like behavior combined with such a staunch human element.“I was in the service, in the police, having positive feedback on my work. During my police service, I regularly passed medical commissions and was recognised as fit.” , Popkov also says: “I had a double life. In my other life I committed murders, which I carefully concealed from everyone, realising that this was a criminal offence.” In the testimony, Popkov recounts how during an 18-year reign of terror in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, he would exploit the cover provided by his job, offering some of his victims lifts in his police car before taking them to remote locations and raping and murdering them.Popkov, who has previously claimed he wanted to “cleanse” the streets of “prostitutes”, also tries to justify his murders by saying: "The victims were those who, unaccompanied by men, at night, without a certain purpose, were on the streets, behaving carelessly, who were not afraid to enter into conversation with me, get into my car, and then go for a drive in search of adventures, for the sake of entertainment, ready to drink alcohol and have sexual intercourse with me.Mikhail Popkov also said he performed well at work, in his job as a police officer.

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